Sometimes your blog reduces me to tears, but I've always been like that when it comes to animals. Thank you for running this blog, it's so important and it doesn't put people down just because they're not a level 6 vegan.

Thank you so much. I’m glad that you’ve noticed that. I do not believe a cause will move anywhere when you bring others down, so I choose not to do that. There are some people in the world who will never go vegan or vegetarian or anything like that, and I will not preach at them to do so. Instead, I always encourage reduction. For example, if you won’t go vegan, only consume dairy twice a week, or so on.  I think it’s certainly better than nothing, and nobody wants to be  put down for what they do. That’s how some people who care about animal rights have created a bad reputation for themselves. Contrary to what some people believe, we are not all mean people who will tell you during every meal how disgusting your dinner is while you’re trying to eat it. As long as you don’t insult my food either. But that’s a whole other story!